Roots run deep in Kansas City
when it comes to baseball so
what better than to build a
youth organization based on
the historical ties to the city.

Leveraging from the history of
Negro League baseball which
was established on February
13, 1920, at the YMCA on 18th
St. in the Historical Jazz
District of 18th & Vine St.

Andrew "Rube" Foster was the
driving force behind the
organization of this league and
served as its president.


Our Experience

With a combined 30 years of coaching staff history in baseball. For years, great American athletes have been overlooked by latin ball players from other countries. However, I'm here to tell you there are African American athletes who know the game and can play this sport at the elite level as well as anyone from another country.

We challenge you to come see the KC Expos. Our ball players are exciting to watch and explosive in every position. These are good young men and they've been taught the fundamentals of how to play baseball competitively. When you combine their individual raw talent with the coaching staff of this great leadership team and the educational heart, what you end up with is a different experience.

KC Expos Pay Tribute to Frank White & Willie Wilson

Several KC Expos players have taken lessons from some of our local basbeall heros such as Frank and Willie. Both winners of the 1985 MLB World Series Kansas City Royals. Baseball requires high IQ as it's a game of the mind as well as the physical. Lessons are taught in proper footwork, position playing and always conducting ones self with proper baseball etiquette.

Our players are humble and greatful to play the sport. We require all ball players to spend equal amount of time with their educational studies as well as their game. School comes first then, there's the privilege to play baseball.